Follow these steps to have verified twitter account in 2021

Twitter will re-verify accounts from 2021 but has specified the categories of accounts to which it will grant verification. And not only that but the requirements that each account has to meet.

Twitter is paused when it comes to verifying profiles on its social network but will wake up in early 2021. The specific date is not known, but from Twitter, you have reported that you plan to start verifying accounts again in 2021.

  Who belongs to that category? 

Verification requirements
Government  Belonging to a public body, official, head of state, ministers, ambassadors, etc.  To obtain the badge, that position must be demonstrated through an official publication, references in the media, official websites, among others.
Companies, brands and organizations Featured organizations, official company accounts, official secondary accounts, being an official NGO, etc.  To receive verification, the presence in public indexes, databases, media and that the number of followers is 1% higher than in other similar accounts in the same country must be demonstrated with several tests.
News  Media and in this category also include journalists from those reference media Any media outlet and journalist including freelance journalists, as long as they provide work done in companies of a certain informative calibre.
Entertainment   Producers, film studios, streaming companies, television networks, movie accounts, events, record labels, actors, singers, presenters, etc.  To be verified accounts must have a union with an official organization, website, public source or something similar.
Sports  Individual accounts and people from sports teams, players, athletes, coaches.  Figure as part of the team and on official websites.
Activists, organizers and other influencers   All those people who use Twitter independently to generate content helping certain causes, supporting associations, raising awareness, etc.  To be verified, they must not contain content with insults, disrespect, or demonstrate intolerances towards certain groups, i.e. comply with Twitter rules.

In an ad on your Twitter help sheet, they've released the requirements we'll need to meet if we belong to some of the 6 categories that will only be able to carry official blue verification.

There will also be accounts that, however many times they submit their request to be verified, Twitter will reject them over and over again. Examples of these accounts include profiles of parodies of public or government members, accounts of animals or fictional characters, accounts that incite hatred or are harmful organizations, etc.

In short, Twitter has made its terms very clear if we want to get verification on our account from 2021. You just have to put some common sense in it.

Apart from this whole story, Twitter will continue to release news such as Fleets that are Twitter Stories, tweet programming without using third-party tools or audios on Twitter, which today have disappeared. Twitter will always do anything but let us edit.

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