Football Manager 2021 now available on the Play Store

In the last months of the year, there are some releases that Android users in Spain look forward to. A couple of weeks ago it was PES Mobile's turn to get to the Play Store and now it's another football classic coming to the Android store. Since from today Football Manager 2021 can be downloaded now for Android.

Football Manager 2021 captures the witness of the 2020 edition of the game, which arrived a year ago at the Play Store. The version that is released today is for mobile, while December 1 will be when the version of the game for tablets is officially released, as you may have already known.

Football Manager 2021: a returning classic

Football Manager 2021 maintains the essence of the saga, a favourite for users around the world. Following last year's interface change, there are no major changes in this regard in the new game instalment. New leagues are introduced to the game, as now the Mexican, Argentine and Canadian leagues are fully available in the game. Being one of the most requested functions by users, pre-season preparation also reaches the mobile version of the game.

There are also new tactical templates in the revised tactical system, which allow you to make quick games in style. A social component is also introduced into the game, which can influence the harmony of the costume so that the coach will have to control that there is a good atmosphere and there are no fights, as well as motivate the players correctly.

It also includes a youth development aspect in which new players can be formed in the team, creating a quarry in this way. The dynamics within the team are also updated, with the possibility to assign roles, such as that of captain. Some changes have been made to the mechanics of Football Manager 2021, to make the game work faster and better on Android phones.

The objective of the game does not change: to create a perfect team with which to win everything. You have to buy players with heads, train them and help them to be the best, motivating when necessary and criticizing when something is not done right.

Download on Android

As in previous instalments, Football Manager 2021 Mobile arrives at the Play Store for 9.99 euros, with purchases inside that can reach up to 16.99 euros. The Touch version of the game, designed for tablets, arrives on December 1 with a price of 21.99 euros, the same as last year.

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