Gmail customization: You'll be able to turn its smart features on and off

Gmail is an essential application for millions of people in Spain. This year, the Android app left us with a major change, such as its integration with Google Meet. Google continues to work on changes to the email app. Today they have made official a new change in it, which affects their customization.

Users in Gmail will have the ability to turn their smart features on and off. By default, they are active, but Google will soon give you the possibility to deactivate them if desired, as well as turn them back on in case we change our minds. No dates or steps have been taken yet, but you already know how this feature will work.

Smart features in Gmail can be turned off

This change announced by Google is an improvement in privacy. Smart features, shared by Gmail, Chat, and Meet, are features that use users' personal data. Therefore, the user will now have the possibility to disable these functions in their account, preventing access to such data in this way. Although the problem is that then you will not be able to make use of them.

For these features, Google uses information in emails in Gmail, then add in other apps. Whether you're booking a flight or hotel or buying a product. An event is then created in the calendar or a reminder in the wizard, for example. The smart features that will be able to be disabled are:

  • Travel itinerary with information from your emails.
  • Filtering and categorizing emails automatically.
  • Suggested texts in emails (Smart Compose).
  • Reminders in Google Assistant about invoices or tickets.
  • Creating events in the calendar using email dates.
  • Reservations displayed on Google Maps.
  • Summary cards for purchases, package tracking or travel bookings.

Google has only said that this new setting will arrive in a few weeks for Gmail users. No specific dates have been given, nor has more information been given about it, although it seems that it will be a very simple method with which to disable or activate such smart functions whenever you want in the email application. Google's ad has shown only the web version of the mail app, although this option is also expected to become official in the app on Android.

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