Google Pay changes completely, with a big little problem

Google yesterday announced the presentation of the revamped Google Pay, a presentation that finally took place today. Expectations were high after the company said that this new version of the app was going to change our relationship with money. The new version is official, you already know everything, and it will be released in Spain also soon.

Google Pay launches a new interface, which makes it look totally different. Google has sought a new design that allows for more comfortable use of the application, both when making payments to friends as well as in shops, bars, restaurants or even gas stations. It's the Tezapp from India, but international.

That's the new Google Pay

Having been tested in India, this new Google Pay interface will now be released in other countries. The new version is no longer an app only for mobile payments and now expands its services. Since it transforms into an application with which to manage your money, thanks to functions such as the expense monitor or the personalized recommendations in it. While this feature is something that can be used only with Plex, Google credit cards in collaboration with CitiBank and Stanford Credit Union entities.

You will no longer be able to use the app only to pay in shops, but payments between individuals become official. You're going to be able to send money to friends and family or get money from them. It is also possible to pay in nearby shops and you will be able to find which shops in your area have support for this type of payments. Since restaurants or gas stations will be able to give the option to pay in this way, although it is not yet known what reception you will have.

NFC payments are maintained in Google Pay, one of the essential aspects of the app. The interface of them has changed, with access to our main payment card located now at the top of the screen. When we click on it we can see the list of the latest payments made. It is also possible to switch to other cards or view our loyalty cards or gift cards from this section.

The profile page is also updated and allows users to view their available balance, as well as being able to share their referral code, to earn rewards. It seems that it will seek to boost rewards in Google Pay, although at the moment the only one is available for inviting other users and them using the app. There may be more in the future.

A big little problem

All these changes in the application are positive because it allows you to use it in more situations, as well as providing it with an interface that allows better use of it on Android. Although there is one aspect that Google has hardly commented on, that presents itself as a small big problem in the app.

Since your Google Pay account will only be able to be associated with mobile. If at any given time you want to associate it with a new device, you'll need to sign out of the old one, so that it's possible to associate it with the new device. On the new device, you will have to perform the whole setup process again. Even if you've set everything up once when you enter you get a message that the account is already used on another device and asks you to sign in to a new account.

It is not known if this is a bug in the new Google Pay and whether Google will make changes. But at the moment it presents itself as a problem to consider.


This revamped Google Pay is in an early access phase, which can only be accessed by invitation. Also, it is not available worldwide yet, but it is expected that over the weeks it will be released worldwide on Google Play.

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