Google runs out of time to fix a major bug in Chrome OS

The beta version of Chrome OS 87 has a major bug that slows down keyboard typing in certain Android apps, and the bad thing about this error is that it is very close to getting to the stable version of the operating system.

We are a couple of days away from the Chrome OS 87 version reaching the stable channel, making it available to all of our computers that are armed on that Google operating system, and while the arrival of an update is always welcome, it's not the same if it comes with a major bug.

Google is competing against time to fix a major bug before Chrome OS 87 launches on the stable channel and is therefore available to the public. This is a rather annoying error because it affects the input speed in certain Android apps when we are typing with the keyboard.

Specifically, keyboard input slows down in such a way that even the user has to wait for the phrase to complete to type another. This way, if you're using an instant messaging or document apps, you won't be able to write fast and you're going to have to wait for the interface to recognize the write first and then start typing the next sentence.

This problem is now affecting beta channel users, but worst of all, in just two days Chrome OS 87 will reach the stable version and this error will begin to be suffered by the rest of the thousands of users.

While the Chrome browser seems to work well, the problem occurs in other Android apps like the Opera or Telegram browser. If Google fails to resolve the error over the next few days and you end up experiencing this bug, they've given several recommendations you could make to try not to get too affected:

  1. Restart your Chromebook every time the bug is accentuated
  2. Reset all flags if you have them on
  3. Eliminate unnecessary extensions
  4. Keep as few eyelashes open as possible
  5. Make sure you have enough disk space

It is to be expected that Google will give Google time so that this failure does not reach the stable channel because it is quite annoying, and would clash directly with the nature of the Chrome OS operating system, which was born to be efficient and fast designed for productivity.

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