Google Stadia for Android TV is imminent: menu to send to TV begins to appear

Google Stadia was one of the first great streaming services to arrive in Spain, and after a year between us, it faces one of its biggest challenges. In the face of the imminent release of next-generation consoles, it's the ideal time to prove that it may not be so urgent to purchase one of the new consoles.

With this, it must be not only available on computers and consoles, but also television. To this day you could already play using a Chromecast Ultra, but the end goal was that it ended up reaching all devices with Android TV, jumping that is about to arrive.

Google Stadia starts showing Android TV devices

Although Chromecast has always been a very popular device, stadia being limited only to the Ultra model has been a big drawback for the service to continue to grow as a video game platform. If you can't play in the living room at the same game that you have on your mobile, the sense of streaming loses a lot of points, even if you're forced to buy a pack that, even if it's cheaper than a console, represents an economic barrier.

We knew that the Google Stadia app was almost ready for Android TV, but it looks like you'll finally be able to stream video games on your TV without even having to install the app.

This same morning, as we tried the new shared library we decided to go for a try with Red Dead Redemption 2 (thanks Ivsu for sharing your games). As I was going to play and I found the drop-down menu that indicates the devices I can play on, new options appeared to me.

During the year that Google Stadia has been available, the options we usually have here are "This screen", "Learn more about how to play on a computer" and "Chromecast Ultra" in case you have one. Since this very morning, we have started to appear devices with Chromecast built-in, which in my particular case are the Nvidia SHIELD and my Xiaomi projector.

Occasionally the Google Nest Mini has also appeared, which must be a mistake and that the feature is in testing, but it can also be an indication that we can play Stadia also on smart screens like the Nest Hub.

When selecting one of the devices we have received an error message, and asking friends and colleagues with Stadia to them still do not see the possibility, so it is likely that it will still be days before it is officially available to everyone.

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