Huawei has found a buyer for Honor and the brand will not leave China

Many are the changes Huawei will make shortly, but some already seem especially on track and have found a buyer for Honor.

Since Donald Trump began its offensive against Huawei, the company has been in constant conflicts that have affected its economy and plans. Sales have not been reduced as much as you would expect and have managed the business, but the effects they have suffered have pushed them to some movements, such as considering selling part of Honor.

We still don't know how the problem of the blockade suffered in the United States will go after the election defeat of Donald Trump, but progress has been made in selling part of Honor, his second brand of smartphones, in which some names have long been handled.

Among potential buyers have always shuffled names of Chinese companies and have been talking about TCL, Xiaomi or Digital China Group. The latter appears to be the winner, As reported by Reuters.

Information published by Reuters indicates that a conglomerate led by Digital China Group and the Shenzhen government has signed the purchase and it appears that the agreement may go further than expected by including all Honor assets, its R&D, supply management and the same brand.

This deal. official confirmation is expected in the coming days. could have been stamped for $15.2 billion that would be a boost in Huawei's accounts. For Digital China Group to cope with similar investment, it has needed Shenzhen's help, but also at least three investment firms and different bank loans.

In this way, Honor would not leave China, a country from which the whole company would continue to run. Although it is not known whether there will be any changes in the orientation to follow or any other aspect. Following the information published by Reuters, it remains that any of the parties involved make an official statement.

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