If you have VivaVideo installed on your Android mobile erase it: it's dangerous

The VivaVideo app can be familiar to many Android users in Spain. This application to edit videos has been news this year, although not for its quality. Last spring, spyware was detected in the app, so users who had it installed were asked to uninstall it from their phones.

This spyware had the ability to steal bank details from users who had VivaVideo installed on their phones. It looked like the app was complying with the rules again, but they've re-decided. Since the app has been accused of stealing user data, as well as subscribing to paid subscriptions without your knowledge or permission.

VivaVideo subscribed to users without permission

Security firm Secure-D has been in charge of discovering these new issues with VivaVideo. The app, which accumulates more than 100 million downloads from the Play Store, is caught again in violation of Google Store rules. This security firm has analyzed the background behaviour of the application, where they have discovered several serious fraud attempts.

The app requests more permissions than are actually required to perform its activity, editing videos. Also, inside there are purchases, with which to have access to all its functions. The app coerfies advertising fraud, as it opens ads in the background and simulates clicks on the part of the user.

Besides, security researchers found that they are trying to subscribe users to paid subscriptions to get commission per affiliate. More than 20 million attempts at fraudulent transactions were recorded, which could have resulted in $27 million in false charges. It was also seen that VivaVideo developers also take advantage of the app to capture data from the user's phone.

Secure-D has communicated to Google its discovery, so that they will take action, such as expelling VivaVideo from the Play Store. For users who have this application installed on their phones, it is best to remove it, to take all possible precautions.

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