Lidl now sells its own smart bulbs and smart home devices

The smart home has more and more alternatives in Spain, and the last to arrive is nothing but the Supermarket Chain Lidl. The company has decided to bet on the top with a range of smart accessories including bulbs, LED strips, strips, sensors and even a smart heater, all at prices that are not extraordinarily cheap if they turn out to be very competitive:

Here's Lidl's smart home range: smart bulbs, sensors and more

Lidl has started selling in its online store (and within a few days, also in physical stores) its range of connected home products, a range that from the first moment seems very competitive. Instead of Wi-Fi, these devices use the Zigbee communication standard in version 3.0, more efficient and secure wireless communication, with fully encrypted communications.

In return, Zigbee accessories need a switchboard. If you have an Amazon Echo Plus or the new fourth-generation Amazon Echo without even knowing it you already have one at home (since these speakers make up its own switchboard), but in case you don't have one, Lidl sells its own headquarters to control all the devices they sell from the Lidl app itself or via Google Assistant voice commands.

The moment you receive your devices, if you purchase the same Lidl Zigbee switchboard, you can download the Lidl Home app to control your devices. On the other hand, as it is a standard, if you have a fourth-generation Amazon Echo Plus or Amazon Echo, having these a built-in Zigbee switchboard should be possible to integrate all devices within the Alexa app without buying Lidl's home automation plant.

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