Making mobiles is easy, the hard part is innovation in technology: that's how it makes it alive

The manufacture of a smartphone does not imply great complexity. It's basically about joining the components that other brands manufacture to work together.

When a manufacturer does not bring part of its spirit to the products it manufactures, all it achieves are clone mobile phones, devoid of their own personality and, above all, lacking the innovation that is assumed to a great technological brand.

Vivo is a company that, since its foundation in 1995, has only made it bring innovation to its products becoming pioneers in developing and implementing many of the technologies that we currently see as commonplace in smartphones.

Now the brand has established a new European power plant in Germany and with it, Vivo signs its official arrival in the mobile phone market in Spain.

People-based technological innovation

After 25 years of technological innovation, Vivo maintains its start-up spirit with direct contact with the people who will use that technology. This gives you a more direct understanding of your users' needs and finding innovative solutions tailored to you.

As a result of this direct contact with its users, Vivo has developed different technologies unique in the market to offer, before any other manufacturer, real solutions to users.

Examples such as the live X1, which in 2012 was the first smartphone to integrate a dedicated chipset to get high fidelity sound on mobile. With it, quality audio lovers could enjoy spectacular sound anytime, anywhere.

In 2014, Vivo advanced the trends of the future with the lively X5 Max, the world's thinnest smartphone at just 4.8 millimetres thick! All this, in the context of a time when the highest mobiles on the market barely dropped below 7 mm.

This allowed live users to enjoy a mobile with excellent features, without it implying carrying a very bulky device in their pocket.

In early 2018 the company introduced the live X20 Plus UD, the first smartphone with on-screen fingerprint recognition technology.

That is, while the telephony industry at the time was still in the battle to achieve good performance in capacitive fingerprint sensors, living opened new ground in a technology that now, two years later, begins to be common on smartphones.

The best capital of a company is the talent of the people who make it up

Live success is no surprise. It is based on its Benfen corporate culture, focused on doing the right thing and doing it right. This philosophical basis creates an ethical commitment of those who develop the technologies that then reach the live mobiles, leaving good proof of talent and honesty for future users of these smartphones.

Living philosophy supports the knowledge and experiences of your human teams. This is transferred to a very pragmatic mobile development and manufacturing model, which oversees compliance with the precepts of the Benfen philosophy from start to finish, from supply chain to final distribution.

This corporate culture lays its foundations in that direct contact with the users to which we mentioned above, directing the full potential of living innovation, one of the world's leading manufacturers of smartphones with more than 370 million users, to the development of useful and realistic solutions to meet the daily needs of users.

With a human capital dedicated to R&D of more than 10,500 people distributed in 9 development and innovation centres located around the world, Vivo remains close to the different needs of telephony markets.

Europe now also joins that human capital with the opening of a new European headquarters in Dusseldorf (Germany) with a group of 120 industry experts to cover countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom.

alive arrives in Spain with the Vivo X51 5G and the new Y series

The arrival in Europe and Spain live has culminated with the presentation of the live X51 5G. As could not be otherwise, the brand's new smartphone has a good dose of technological innovation inside.

This smartphone stands out for incorporating a gimbal integrated into its main camera, which is an important leap into the future in terms of image stabilization.

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