Messages that are destroyed alone on WhatsApp are already official

Whatsapp has confirmed the arrival of messages that are destroyed on their own to their applications. You can use the new feature shortly.

The most common way to contact someone in Spain is to send them a WhatsApp message. This form of communication has evolved in recent years, including audios, emojis and GIFs. But now it's going to change even more.

For some time now we can delete the messages we send on WhatsApp whenever we do so in a set time. This will leave a mark on the chat, but it's a breakthrough from what we could do before.

Now WhatsApp has gone one step further by officially announcing messages that self-destruct.

Messages disappearing a week

This new feature is called Disappearing Messages and has been published in the Q&A section of the company's website.

By using these messages, we may send information that we know will be automatically deleted after 7 days. This period will not be modifiable, at least as implemented now.

The section of this website itself explains that this information could be beyond those seven days in notifications or quotes from other chat comments, so we have to be careful to trust the disappearance of that information.

How to turn on time chats

When the feature is activated in an upcoming update, we can use it if we activate it. To do this we have to follow these steps:

  1. We open the WhatsApp chat in which we want to activate the function.
  2. We tap the contact's name.
  3. Click Temporary Messages.
  4. If prompted, tap CONTINUE.
  5. Select On.

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