Mi box 4s pro, xiaomi's latest for streaming 8k content

While smartphones are the market in which Xiaomi has excelled thanks to the quality and variety offered in its models, many will likely forget that this company also has a presence in other markets, including that of streaming where it had already ventured with its Mi Box device, a device designed for the Android TV platform.

Since then many have been the improvements made to this device that has resulted in the release of different versions, the last being the Mi Box 4S Pro, which has been equipped with the ability to play video in 8K.

Presented on the Weibo site, the Mi Box 4S Pro features 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, as well as support for connecting devices over HDMI. Added to this, the device includes a Bluetooth remote control that gives the user the possibility to exercise control over it through voice.

As far as the 8K feature is concerned, it is still unknown which of the services included in this version of my box will have content in this format or if it has any tools that allow viewing such files on the device. Moving to TV software, the Mi Box 4S Pro runs Xiaomi's own MIUI.

The Mi Box 4S Pro will be available for sale to the public in China from 5 November worth 399 yuan, equivalent to $60, although at the moment the company does not plan to expand its presence outside these borders so we will have to wait for new information to emerge about it.

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