MIUI 12 will have a built-in mind map app

Xiaomi continues to bet on improving MIUI 12 almost every month, instead of waiting to make big changes every year, which it also does. However, first, we see these changes and improvements in the ROM of China and then in the global ROM, which is the one we use in Spain.

In these small weekly or monthly changes we do not see radical modifications in design or functionality, but an increase in the possibilities of the interface, which increasingly needs fewer apps to be able to give us a good service in the day today.

Mind maps arrive

The latest development that MIUI 12 is integrating into its beta version, specifically 20.11.16, are mind maps. This type of note app allows you to make schematics by spinning concepts to be able to organize complex structures and projects simply.

These types of apps are not new to Android app stores, and in the Google Play Store, we have many. You can watch it in the video from minute 3

This tool is widely used by those most experienced in productivity and personal management, but it is not uncommon to see it integrated into an Android-based interface.

There is also a change in the privacy section, with a new interface somewhat simpler to control the parameters of this type.

The novelty is that MIUI will integrate that serial function into all its mobiles when they are upgraded to MIUI 12. However, at the moment it is in the first trial versions so it will take many weeks to see it stably on most Xiaomi, Redmi or Pocophone mobiles.

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