New Nubia Red Magic Cyberpods: TWS headphones to play

The Red Magic range of phones has become one of the most outstanding in the field of gaming, with models such as the Red Magic 5S already available in Spain. Nubia now expands its range of devices, although this time they do not leave us with a new phone, it is a headset. The Nubia Red Magic Cyberpods are officers.

These Nubia Red Magic Cyberpods are TWS (True Wireless) headphones, with a clearly gaming aesthetic, inspired by phones within the Red Magic range, as well as low latency. A good accessory for Nubia gaming devices.

A gaming headset

These Nubia headphones already stand out for their design as well as the design of the case. It has opted for a clearly gaming aesthetic, with a box with triangular corners, with the Red Magic logo in red. The Red Magic Cyberpods themselves keep that design somewhat pointed, in black and with red details. Also, they have RGB lighting, which the user can configure when the case is opened. This lighting will be used to indicate the amount of battery remaining.

They arrive with an 8mm driver inside and promise a good dynamic range, as well as good performance in games or when listening to music. Latency is one of the most important aspects of these Nubia headsets, which mentions that they have a latency of 39 milliseconds when using Gamer mode. This mode will be used only on branded phones and is intended so that the sound reaches the user simultaneously. On other devices, latency stays at 60 ms.

In terms of autonomy, these Red Magic Cyberpods from Nubia gives us four hours of autonomy, to which we have to add 16 more hours with the case, for a total of 20 hours. The charge is completed in just two hours, depending on the brand, so they will be ready at all times for us to use.

As for connectivity, they leave us with Bluetooth 5.0 native way and in the charging case, we have a USB-C port to be able to charge it. These headphones are supported for AAC and SBS formats. Also, they arrive with water resistance, through their IPX5 certification.

Technical details Nubia Red Magic Cyberpods

  • Connectivity :Bluetooth 5.0.
  • Weight:
  1. Headphones: 5 grams.
  2. Case: 58.5 grams.
  • Audio codec: Bluetooth SBC / AAC.
  • Battery:
  1. Autonomy: 4 hours.
  2. Battery life case: 16 hours.
  • Latency:
  1. Red Magic mobiles: 39 ms.
  2. Others: 60 ms.
  • Others:
  1. IPX5 water resistance certification.
  2. Touch control.
  3. RGB lighting.

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