New ZTE Watch Lite: a cheap watch with 21 days of battery life

ZTE has launched several phones this year, such as the Axon 20 5G with camera under the screen, although none have arrived in Spain so far. The manufacturer not only leaves us with smartphones, as they have presented their new watch in their home country, called ZTE Watch Live. It is a smartwatch with a rectangular design, with a tight price.

This new ZTE Watch Live is presented as a perfect economic watch to monitor user activity with its 12 sports modes. Also, it stands out for its autonomy of up to 21 days, which makes it a perfect complement for many users.

ZTE Watch Live Features

  • Display:
  1. Size: 1.3 inches.
  2. Technology: LCD.
  3. Resolution: 240 x 240 pixels.
  • Connectivity :Bluetooth 4.2.
  • Battery:
  1. Up to 21 days of autonomy.
  2. Magnetic charge.
  3. Water support: IP68.
  4. Sport: 12 sports modes.
  • Health:
  1. Sleep monitor.
  2. Heart rate monitor.
  3. Blood oxygen level.
  • Dimensions: 40.6 x 34.6 x 10.8 mm.
  • Weight: 35.7 grams.

A cheap watch with great autonomy

The ZTE Watch Live features a 1.3-inch-sized LCD touchscreen, with a design that's slightly inspired by Apple Watches. Users can customize the appearance of this screen thanks to the presence of many spheres, to adapt it to their personal taste. It is a good screen size to read all kinds of data comfortably on it.

Autonomy will be a key aspect of this watch, as a charge can give up to 21 days of autonomy. According to the brand, the autonomy is between 14 and 21 days, so we can use it without worries. This watch has support for magnetic charging. In terms of connectivity, it has Bluetooth 4.2 and has functions such as viewing call or message notifications. Also, it has functions such as viewing time, controlling the camera remotely or music.

Controlling user activity is the main purpose of a watch such as ZTE Watch Live. It has a total of 12 sports modes, among which we find walking, running, skiing, cycling or swimming. The latter is somewhat possible thanks to the IP68 certification on this watch, so we can swim without any problem.

In addition to these sports modes, the watch has functions such as step counter, calorie-burning counter, 24/ day heart rate monitoring, sleep monitor and blood oxygen level control. With these functions, you have good control of the user's health.

Price and availability

This ZTE Watch Live can be booked now in China, where it will be released on December 3. For now, there is no information on the possible launch of this watch outside China, so it seems unlikely that it can be purchased in Spain.

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