One of the best Android games changes completely to save humanity

Few games available in Spain for Android have pleased us as much as Plague Inc. This veteran game came to Android back in 2012, at a time when smartphones were much less powerful and had no ability to run very complex games, this title fell in love with us, both for its concept and for the gameplay it posed, which today remains very fun.

It is a strategy game in which we have a world map and we must become a global pest with our bacteria or virus, making it evolve, spread and be legal. In 2020 in which COVID-19 appears to be playing this game in the real world, the game has added a new game mode in which we save humanity, and that will be available for free until the pandemic is over.

Are you a virus or a vaccine? with the new expansion of Plague Inc you choose

Plague Inc. has announced the release of its largest expansion ever created since the game's own release. Its name is The Cure, which translated into Spanish is "La Cura", and it is a complete change to the concept of the game.

Instead of being a virus that aims to liquidate humanity, in The Cure our goal is to save the planet. As in the original game, the game scenario is a map of the world where we monitor the evolution of the plague and can access improvements from our government to save humanity. The four main points in the strategy to achieve this will be:

  1. Track the virus.
  2. Control outbreaks.
  3. Support the economy.
  4. Create a vaccine.

For the development of this expansion, the creators of Plague Inc. have collaborated with global health experts and taken into account the comments of the Coalition for Innovations in Epidemic Preparedness, an agency with which they collaborate to ensure that first and foremost, it is not only a great entertainment product but also fulfils an educational work. However, the company warns that even if they have consulted experts for the creation of the game to have as much fidelity as possible, and that at no time should it be considered a scientific simulator.

Plague Inc.'s expansion is paid for, but given the current global pandemic situation, it will be available for free until COVID-19 is under control. At the moment the expansion can be played on mobile and will be available soon for PC and consoles.

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