Oppo X 2021, a mobile with roll-up screen to replace folding mobiles

Oppo has talked about several technologies and devices at its Inno Day 2020 conference, but the one that catches the most is the Oppo X 2021 concept mobile, a mobile that has a screen that rolls up like that of papyrus and that allows us to deploy a 7.4" panel without increasing the thickness of the mobile.

Last year, Chinese company Oppo celebrated its first Inno Day. This is a conference in which they present the technologies they are working on in their laboratories and that they think will define the medium-term future in the mobile phone industry.

In 2019 we were able to see the evolution of the technology that will allow us to hide the front cameras under the screen to eliminate once and for all the notch and the hole in one of the corners and, now, Oppo attacks the heart of the folding mobiles with a concept of the most interesting.

Companies like Huawei, Samsung or Xiaomi have folding mobiles (we have already analyzed some like the Galaxy Fold) and Oppo itself is working on some, as we learned a few months ago thanks to several patents.

However, we also knew they were working on a roll-up mobile, and that's the one they presented on Inno Day 2020.

Oppo X 2021 is a mobile phone that, a priori, does not attract attention. It simply looks like a mobile with curved sides, very narrow frames and a 6.7" screen.

However, if we pull one of the sides we start to deploy its OLED screen to turn the terminal into a 7.4" tablet with a more square screen format.

This is achieved thanks to interior rails that allow us to keep the terminal in the position of our choice firmly and, according to Oppo, without adding thickness to the equipment or limiting the internal space.

This also has an impact on the rear area which obviously also unfolds to accommodate the maximum screen size, but when closed it does so seamlessly and, as we say, giving the appearance to the terminal of a "normal" mobile with an elegant module that houses the flash and three cameras.

We will see if this mobile reaches the market, but the truth is that the scenario posed by Oppo is interesting, since with that technology the problem of folding - thickness - is eliminated while maintaining its main virtue - offering a screen that adapts to the need of the user.

They have shown several scenarios in which the screen can shine in its different formats (video playback, web negation, reading and using video games) and as lovers of technology, it is something that we want to have already in hand to start 'fretting'.

However, we'll see if Oppo launches this terminal and if he does if he leaves China. At the moment it is a conceptual mobile, but we have already seen an operational unit after the presentation:

In addition to the 2021 Oppo X, the company has presented its commitment to virtual reality, the AR Glass 2021. These are augmented reality glasses that put a 90" screen in front of our eyes and that have a GPU and CPU capable of performing millions of calculations per second to generate an achieved sense of immersion.

To analyze the world around the device, the glasses have a depth ToF sensor and are compatible with both voice commands and gestures for different control options.

It is certainly appreciated to see what the companies are working on and, as we said, we were looking forward to throwing the glove at these devices.

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