Pluton: Microsoft bets on security and launches Apple's T2-like chip

The future of Windows laptops and computers has an outstanding subject: security for users. Microsoft Pluton offers several pro-user safeguards to support security and make things difficult for cybercriminals.

Microsoft Pluton is a chip that will be integrated into Windows computers very shortly. Behind Microsoft Pluton is the collaboration between the large and well-known chip and processor brands such as AMD, Qualcomm, and Intel.

The idea of this project is to create a chip that offers software and hardware protection. Microsoft seeks security from start to finish, hence its system is at the core as it is integrated into the CPU.

As a general rule, current computers have a separate CPU chip, called the TPM (Trusted Platform Module). This technique, which has been at the service of Windows PCs for more than a decade, has become obsolete and is beginning to be exploited.

Microsoft has decided to renew itself because it has seen hackers manage to get in and out of all the information that the user thinks they have safe in the TPM.

As technology advances, cybercriminal techniques are also advancing, so it is vitally important to get ahead of their actions or build stronger barriers.

Microsoft Pluton remains isolated from the rest of the system because it is physically inside the physical processor. This security chip will be used to store sensitive information such as passwords, user identity, personal information, etc. What Pluton does is simulate a TPM but being inside the processor, and not separately as before.

A curious thing is that that information stored in Pluton cannot be destroyed even when the cybercriminal has installed a virus or has the PC in its custody. Microsoft Pluton has Secure Hardware Cryptography Key (SHACK) technology, which means that information never goes outside the limits of hardware, thus offering maximum peace of mind to Windows computer users.

Keeping a device's firmware up-to-date is vitally important, and that's what Microsoft Pluton will take care of as it will create secure and flexible update gateways while maintaining end-to-end functionality.

Even if it's called as the former Pluto planet it has nothing to do with it too is very small and that it will be a satellite within the computer and laptop CPU itself.

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