PUBG Mobile is updated with the new Metro Royale mode

A few weeks ago a large update of PUBG Mobile was released, version 1.0 of the game, which is also available in Spain. Tencent hasn't taken too long to leave us now with a new game update, which now gets version 1.1. officially. In this version we are left with several new features, especially focused on Metro Royale mode.

The collaboration with Metro Exodus is the main novelty in this new version of PUBG Mobile for Android and iOS. The introduction of the so-called Metro Royale mode is a change that many expected and that becomes finally official in this version, which is already available in the Play Store.

PUBG Mobile introduces Metro Royale mode

Tencent's collaboration with Metro Exodus means that several special Metro Royale series monsters will be introduced temporarily in PUBG Mobile. An important novelty for the game. In addition to this, a couple of new unique maps arrive that are based in Erangel, where we find ruins, bandit camp or trenches, among others.

The game also introduces several new types of equipment, which users will be able to use. Among them, we find a new thermal sight, a new Tikhar rifle, a new heavy armour for greater protection or new night vision goggles. These will be weapons with which you can face the new challenges in the game.

This new version 1.1 of PUBG Mobile leaves us with another series of improvements, such as new themes, combat improvements, more combat information, configuration improvements, as well as security improvements. Although this collaboration with Metro Exodus is the most important change that Tencent leaves us in its update.

The new version of the game has already been officially released on the Google Play Store and is currently being deployed worldwide. This version weighs 1.9 GB, so it is best to proceed to upgrade using WiFi. If you want to download the update.

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