Recommended Android mobiles for businesses now indicate how far they will update

Google created the Android Enterprise Recommended program two years ago, a program that certifies Android phones for companies, also available in Spain. This program has today taken an important step with the entry of Samsung, which launches several of its mobiles and tablets in this program for companies.

Every year, Google modifies the requirements of this program, so that the phones that are part of it fit them. Also, they provide companies with great information about phones and their updates, so they know which phone within Android Enterprise Recommended is best for them.

Google makes Android mobile updates for businesses more transparent

In the announcement that Google made today, on the occasion of Samsung's entry into the program, it has also left us with some new information about this program. To make it easier for companies to determine which phone within Android Enterprise Recommended best suits their needs, they will now provide more data on several aspects, which are:

  • Latest date of device manufacturers' security updates.
  • Android version running on a device when validated as Android Enterprise Recommended
  • Regional device availability.
  • Critical industry certifications, such as Common Criteria.

Especially eye-catching is the first fact, because now when you enter the profile of a phone that is part of this Android Enterprise Recommended program, we can see that the date on which that device will receive its last security update is displayed, mentioning the month and year. This information is helpful for the company, knowing which mobile will have the most update time, which can influence your decision.

Google's providing this information is business aid, although for a common user this information is not usually available. So in advance, you don't know how long updates that device is going to have, something that in Android Enterprise Recommended does happen. Access to this date is made more transparent, as well as how often those devices get these security updates.

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