Samsung unveils SSD that stores 12 TB in a 4TB space

If a system can compress the information as it saves it, space will appear to be multiplying transparently for the user.

That's what Samsung has achieved with its new "smart" SSD disk.

It has partnered with AMD-owned Xilinx to create SmartSSD CSD (Computational Storage Drive) technology designed to be applied to storage disks in the short future. To make it effective, they have put a processor inside the SSD, responsible for optimizing the space it takes up.

That's right, an SSD with its own processor, capable of performing two tasks:

– Optimize the use of the computer where the disc is installed, as it will assume certain tasks to leave more "free time" to the main processor.

– Compress and decompress data as it is stored, so that the information takes up much less than if it is saved uncompressed.

The first thing we can think about is that if the information is being compressed when saved, the process will be much slower. This would be the case if there were no changes to its design since the connection, in this case, is special to be able to reach reads of 3,500 MB/s and writes up to 3,200 MB/s.

The first step is to offer the product to companies, and then reach the consumer market, although at the moment they have not disclosed any dates or prices.

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