Scientists create a system that allows humans to see infrared light

When talking about colours, there are animals whose eyes have been endowed with the ability to see infrared light such as constrictor boas, piranhas and mosquitoes who take advantage of this property to locate their food or orient themselves in the space where they move.

In humans, this quality is not present, because while we can detect heat transfer we are unable to see it in those bodies that radiate it. However, a group of researchers from Tel Aviv University have taken the initiative to make this possible thanks to a system devised by them with which people may have the possibility to see colours in the infrared spectrum.

According to research published in the journal Laser & Photonics Reviews, the group involved in the project built a system that was installed on the camera, which processes the colours associated with infrared light and makes them visible to the human eye. In the long term, it is anticipated that this achievement could be put at the service of photography and citizen science.

As far as its operation is concerned, the equipment ensures that this device has been equipped with the capacity to make possible the visualization of gases such as hydrogen, carbon and sodium, which have the quality of glowing intensely in the infrared.

In addition to this, the camera offers the possibility to represent scenes of nature under this spectrum making them look as if they were from another world.

In addition to science and photography, scientists have suggested that their invention could be used for other projects such as an environmental satellite that could record a contaminant emitted by a plant in images.

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