Tesla is going to allow access to your car cameras remotely, and that poses a problem

Elon Musk has anticipated a "hot" update on Tesla vehicles this Christmas. Could it be remote access to cameras?

Tesla cars, like most modern vehicles, are real giant computers that are often updated with new features. Some really spectacular, like autonomous driving. Will remote access to the cameras be the next novelty?

All Tesla vehicles are equipped with 8 cameras covering a 360-degree view around the car, and a maximum range of 250 meters.

These cameras are used by Autopilot mode (which must be paid separately) to offer semi-autonomous driving, as teslas can drive alone on the highway, and even change lanes and take some corners. With a recent update, some users have already received fully autonomous driving.

These cameras are also used for what Tesla calls Sentry Gun mode. When the car is parked the cameras are activated with movement, recording what happens around it, or inside the car.

This Sentry Gun mode has been used to catch thieves and vanes that make cars painted or scratched. Until now users could not access the content of such cameras from their mobile, but this could change shortly, electric has discovered.

Elon Musk himself announced a few days ago that Tesla vehicles will receive a hot update this Christmas. Could this be it?

So far Tesla users only receive images from cameras on their mobiles when there is a Sentry Mode alert. Somebody get too close to the car or touch it, for example.

It is also possible to connect a pen drive or SSD to Tesla to record camera content, but it can only be viewed on a computer.

However, Electrek has been examining the source code of the latest update and has discovered mentions of remote access to the cameras. That is, from mobile users will be able to see what the cameras see when the car is parked, even if no Sentry Gun alarm is triggered.

Although it is a very useful feature for car owners, it raises questions about the right to privacy, if you can see what the cameras see at any time, when the car is parked on the street.

We'll see how Tesla solves this issue, and whether they let it roll it out in Europe...

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