That's Disney's new humanoid robot: It's so scary!

The Disney company behind all the research and development of new technologies, Disney Research, has just shown its advancement in terms of humanoid robots, to the point of integrating microgels and avoiding that impassive look we've seen in other robots.

This robot is mounted on a chest holder in which it integrates a 3D image sensor. Thanks to this, you can turn your head and go to the caller.

So far everything normal in this type of robots, however, there is a great improvement in humanizing the interaction and we see how the robot blinks, its gaze also changes direction naturally.

They have managed to integrate head movements similar to those that occur when breathing and also rapid movements in typical eyes when you look at details of the other person. That is, this robot, despite being terrifying, behaves much more similar to how we do and less like a camera with artificial intelligence.

The reason for this research comes from the possibility of using animatronics in its theme parks that is more natural and organic although, of course, without skin, there is no doubt that it gives quite measure. Probably more than many of the costumes you see this Halloween.

You just have to compare it to Sophia, the robot that wanted to eliminate humanity to see how this new development has improved in gestural terms.

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