That's the LG prototype of mobile with roll-up screen

A phone as a parchment with the ability to hide part of the screen rolled up inside the phone. This is how LG is preparing to compete with folding mobiles.

LG's roll-up smartphone leaves a few tracks many months before it is officially presented. Based on the latest leaks and the few data that the brand has shared, we will be able to know everything that is hidden in this new phone in March 2021.

LG itself left us a preview of this innovation last week along with the official LG Wing announcement. Days later we have The Renders of Lets Go Digital based on LG's patent drawings, a classic in the mobile industry that serves to better understand the product.

LG Electronics filed the 'Roll-slide Mobile Terminal' patent in August 2019 and on September 24 of this year, the documentation was published. This has been based on Lets Go Digital to create the renders in which the terminal design is displayed.

The phone would go from a standard format, with standard screen size, to a small tablet once deployed. The screen unrolls on both sides to add more space on each side. At the edges, you can see an extra piece of housing, with a different texture that would also be hidden with the screen, rolled inside when storing the phone.

The mechanism that allows this effect is composed, as explained in the patent, by saw gears and with the help of an elastic element so that the roller screen can enter and exit correctly. LG will install a kind of 'sliding slot' to prevent the screen from unfolding or unintentionally rolling up. This locking system can also prevent the flexible screen from rolling in and out too fast, which could cause wrinkles on the screen.

The company argues that this type of flexible display is stronger than the folding panels that are being presented on the market. If it was not folded in half, the screen would not be marked and the panel would not have wrinkles. We will have to test it to check this statement, although as a sample we can take LG's roll-up TV that has been on sale since the beginning of the year.

The cameras, on the other hand, are located at the back in the centre of the housing. The set is similar to that of the recently released LG Wing. The main sensor is 64 megapixels, an ultra-wide-angle camera of 12 megapixels with a Hexa Motion image stabilization sensor and finally an ultra-wide-angle camera of 13 megapixels.

It is very early, for the time being, to elucidate more data on the future LG roll-up. This terminal is part of the Explorer Project together with LG Wing, the company's riskiest bets, but that if it works would be quite a turning point for the market and a tough competitor for current folding mobiles.

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