The awesome Xiaomi camera you'll want on your next mobile

Mobile photography in Spain is one of the best reasons to choose to buy a high-end mobile. Manufacturers know this very well, and every year they try to innovate more and more with more technology, variety of sensors and powerful software that brings out the best in those cameras.

Xiaomi is one of the latest brands to enter the highest range, creating mobiles without any concession like the Mi 10 Ultra. Now, because of the next generation of mobile phones, the company pursues a new lens for its mobile cameras, drawing inspiration from the most transactional cameras.

Xiaomi's retractable camera for even better photos

Xiaomi has been working on a new photographic technology independently and with great results according to Zeng Xuezhong, president of Xiaomi's mobile division. This technology is a retractable lens that from a moment reminds us of the ones we can see in traditional photo cameras.

The great added value of this lens is in the possibility of having a greater aperture, being able to capture up to 300% extra light. Captured light is the biggest physical challenge in mobile cameras, so this camera has great potential to take the next quality leap in mobile cameras.

Among other functions, with this type of retractable cameras, it is possible to change the focus point, and that is that as seen in the video, we can move from a macro focus to infinity with ease. Retractable technology can also allow optical zoom if Xiaomi decides to implement multiple lenses in the retractable system, something they have not shown but can perfectly be saved for a commercial model.

Xiaomi is one of the companies that has evolved best at the photography level. Their latest flagships have left us feeling great and it seems like it's just the beginning. We don't know when the company will choose to implement this technology, but we look forward to seeing it in mobile action that is accessible to the general public.

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