The most sustainable mobile launches an Android without Google that respects your privacy

Few mobile brands available in Spain can boast of being as sustainable as Fairphone is. Without offering spectacular pieces of hardware, this small company has earned our respect for its approach to sustainability, with mobiles that stand out for their ease of repair and update support that, although not the fastest, can meet for its longevity. And now it has an Android version without Google.

Focusing on offering not only sustainable hardware, a few months ago they began to offer an alliance with /e/, the Android without Google alternative that best respects your privacy. This ROM, while highly recommended, knows that to thrive it must be made as easy as possible for users, and both companies have converged on common ground.

The Fairphone 3+ now supports /e/, the Google-free Android that respects your privacy

e/ is an Android version that we've talked about on more than one occasion. Founded by the creator of Mandrake Linux, the goal of this system is to be able to offer a totally free version of Android, removing Google's applications and services from the equation. Unlike Huawei, a company that has simply replaced Google's control with its own systems, the goal of /e/ is focused on protecting the user.

Today, this ROM was available for installation on multiple mobiles and could be purchased pre-installed on refurbished Galaxy S7, S8 and S9, as well as on the Fairphone 3. As we met a few months ago, the most sustainable mobile received an improved version, and the Fairphone 3+ is already fully compatible with /e/, with its own installation guide.

If you have an interest in both fair phone and /e/ philosophy, but installing the ROM is too complex for you, the Foundation itself /e/ sells the Fairphone 3 and 3+ directly with the system /e/ pre-installed, so that you can have the phone with all the freedoms from the moment you open the box.

The Fairphone 3+ is a mobile that by technical characteristics is far from offering the best value for money. This is not the brand's fault, because being a niche product with such a low turnover rate (in the end if you create a mobile to make it as durable as possible, you're going to sell less) that the company can support itself and its ideals is almost a miracle.

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