The small details of the Xbox Series X design

Before the Xbox Series X analysis, we show you our unboxing and share a series of photos in which you can see some of the most important details of the design of both the console and the new controller.

We already have our Xbox Series X. On November 10, Microsoft will launch its next-generation machines.

On the one hand, an Xbox Series S that features a next-generation architecture and different elements shared with Xbox Series X (CPU, SSD and system architecture), but is intended for 1,080p and 1,440p gameplay.

On the other hand, the "range cap", the Xbox Series X. It is the most powerful console that will be released at this beginning of generation, at least in terms of raw power and numbers, and we already have it on our hands.

We can't talk about the console on, the system and other console details with the power cord connected, but what we can do is unbox and, also, see in detail those corners of both the console and the new controller.

Now, what we leave you is a series of photographs in which you can see in detail the physical characteristics of the console.

The active heatsink is a considerable size and that green thing we saw in the teasers is a different colour in the plastic of the housing, not an A.A.H. LED.

Microsoft usually hides messages on its consoles and in it we have the "Hello from Seattle" in the A.A.H. base.

We can't open this unit because it's a review, but thanks to the official details published by Microsoft, we can see the inside of the system.

Given this, what we have left is to keep tapping the console so we can give you our opinion and Xbox Series X analysis.

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