These are the advantages of having quality audio for gaming, telework and studios

Can you imagine watching a movie without a soundtrack? It would be as if you lacked half the film and you would miss the intensity and atmosphere that sound brings to the story. Creative Labs offers you the best equipment for audio.

As a general rule, sound quality tends to be associated with listening to music. It is normal, it is one of the scenarios in which having quality audio equipment makes a big difference in the experience.

However, sound quality is important for many other scenarios where audio tends to be left in the background. They are areas as important as telework or remote study, where the transmission of quality audio facilitates communications. All this without forgetting the sound in video games, where audio reaches a leading role in the gaming experience.

Creative Labs sound experts have been developing solutions for audio on computers for 30 years and it offers you several essential devices to discover a new dimension in gaming experience and communications through quality audio.

The basics: good headphones

Having quality headphones are essential to get the best audio quality. Creative SXFI AIR is the ultimate exponent of quality and design put at the user's service for a comfortable, high-quality sound experience.

The use of headphones has several advantages when it comes to teleworking, studying and even when it comes to playing. Even more so if those headphones are not only able to play the audio of the video calls clearly and clearly but also transmit your voice with the same audio quality.

The Creative SXFI AIR circumaural headphones come equipped with a NanoBoom microphone, perfectly disguised in one of its headphones, which allows you to answer calls from your phone or use them on video calls or online educational platforms transmitting your voice with studio quality.

Of course, you can also use Creative SXFI AIR to communicate with other members of your squad during online games because they have USB connectivity so you can connect them to your computer or gaming laptop and console (including Nintendo Switch), but also Bluetooth connectivity compatible with your smartphone.

During a video call work meeting or to follow an online class, beyond good image quality, the most important thing to ensure good communication is to get the good audio quality that allows you to listen clearly to your interlocutors and have them listen to you with the same clarity.

Creative SXFI AIR comes equipped with 50mm neodymium controllers and Creative's award-winning Super X-Fi technology that delivers crystal clear sound. This technology makes it easier to reproduce sound, while the circumaural design of the headset better isolates you from ambient noise and allows you to follow online classes and conversations with your peers without losing detail.

Don't settle for the standard sound, you deserve more!

The first impulse of many users is to connect their new headphones or speaker system directly to the computer, laptop or console and that is not always the best option to get good sound quality. Doing so leaves all the weight of audio processing to a sound card built into the device that doesn't always deliver the best performance.

To squeeze the full audio potential of your devices it is best to bet on an external DAC (Digital to Analog Converter), which converts the digital audio signal that leaves your computer or console to electrical impulses that become sound in your headphones or speakers. Creative offers DAC solutions that amplify and improve the audio quality you listen to on your headphones.

Sound Blaster X3 raises the bar for the sound experience by delivering the best audio experience most simply. Simply connect it to your computer via USB, optical output, or 3.5mm connector and connect the headset or speaker system to the Sound Blaster X3 instead of directly to your computer.

That way, Sound Blaster X3 can filter and amplify audio in and out of your computer so you can enjoy much better quality sound in your online classes, online meetings and presentations, and even cinematic-quality sound for your games.

All this without having to say that, of course, you will be able to listen to your favourite playlists discovering new nuances in each topic thanks to the improvement in the digital-to-analogue conversion provided by that Creative Labs DAC.

The most classic sound makes it improved

Creative Labs has a great experience in speaker design. One of its most awarded models has been the Creative Pebble, offering an iconic round design that returns to the present day with the Creative Pebble V2.

This new version updates its features providing significant improvements in power and sound quality. Being a compact model is presented as the perfect solution to obtain the highest quality sound in very small spaces.

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