This Sony prototype could have changed Android as we know it

Among the brands that sell premium smartphones in Spain, Sony is one of the most prestigious. Despite not selling the volume of brands like Samsung or Xiaomi, it is usually a company with great emphasis on device design, a practice that has consistently carried out on its mobiles even before Android existed.

In addition to its good work in design, it has also been known for being a brand that has risked innovation, being one of the first to bet on water resistance, compact high-end mobiles or even being a precursor to gaming smartphones with products like Xperia Play. Today we know a new prototype of a mobile that, had it reached the market, could have been revolutionary.

This mobile could have changed Android as it was 10 years ago

In XDA Developers they have been able to access a prototype of a Sony mobile phone that never saw the light. It is a mobile phone whose brand would have been Sony Ericsson VAIO (as the brand of computers that Sony had at the time) and that seemed focused on being one of the best mobiles in terms of productivity.

This prototype stands out for having a sliding physical keyboard that, unlike those that were common at the time, the size of the keys was more like that of a laptop than that of a mobile. This terminal could also tilt your screen and stand on a table, again offering a pocket computer experience.

Today a 5.5-inch screen is no big deal, and even more than one might find it sparse (for example, whoever writes these lines) but in 2010 there was nothing like it. We are talking about a time when the iPhone had a 3.5-inch screen and was considered by many to be "the perfect size", while mobiles like the Galaxy S or Xperia X10 with 4 inches became large terminals.

By putting into context the magnitude of its screen size, the Galaxy Note that came to market at the end of the following year was consolidated as a controversial mobile for its excessive size (a 5.3-inch screen), while iPhone users would not be able to enjoy a similar screen size until the end of 2014 when the 5.5 inches were already considered common in most mobile brands.

The Sony VAIO with Android finally didn't come to light, but we're sure it could have become a reference range for the most enthusiastic Android users.

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