You can now share Stadia games with the family

In the face of the rise of digital subscriptions to be able to listen to music, watch series or enjoy games, it is becoming more common to share an account. We have seen this in all countries, and Spain is no exception.

There are legal and slightly less official ways to do this and today Google has taken the step so that on Stadia, its game streaming platform, we can do it the first way.

We can now share games in Stadia

Just as we could do with the games and apps we had purchased from the Google Play Store for our mobile, we can now activate the family plan in Stadia so that our group members can use their Stadia profile as if it were Pro.

Obviously, all members don't need to pay and if the person who creates the group is a paid user of the platform, everyone will be able to use the service in the same way.

This will be so as long as this subscription remains active and if you move to the paid version you can only play the titles that you have purchased, as happens in the individual uses of the platform.

How to activate the new feature

To enable sharing we have to go to the desktop version of the service and there select in the Settings the Family section, where a white button will appear to activate the function.

This will only appear if we already have a family group set up in our Google Account, so we'll have to take that step first if we don't.

We'll also have to share the payment system, a way for Google to make sure that group participation isn't sold isn't on online platforms.

Finally, it should be noted that Stadia can be used by all members at the same time as long as they use different games. There cannot be two open sessions of the same game simultaneously.

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