Youtube is testing automatic chapter detection

Youtube has to get your batteries in front of a new trend: less and less time is spent watching long videos, 30 seconds are the new fad, and if you can't hook someone in that time, you're digitally dead.

One of the solutions could be to divide the longer videos into chapters, although it is unworkable to ask the millions of creators to do that work with the videos already published.

In May, YouTube introduced video chapters, so that we can divide them into separate and shorter segments, but now Youtube has decided to use machine learning to assign chapters automatically, and the first tests are already being performed.

Machine learning in this case will analyze what happens in each scene, especially if any text is displayed. From there, YouTube will automatically generate chapter names and implement them in the video, without any need to add anything else or require any action on the part of the user.

Creators can choose not to participate if they don't like what they see, so if any of your videos have automatic chapters with out-of-context segments, they can ask to delete them.

At the moment only a small percentage of videos will "suffer" this automatic edition of Youtube, and if successful, it will expand the technique with other videos.

It's not easy to compete with the Reels and the TikTok. Users are increasingly betting on competition, and on Youtube, they know it. Google doesn't have any famous short video platforms, although it has tried tangi.

You can read more about this automatic chapter detection on the Youtube support page.

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