All Motorolas that will upgrade to Android 11: full official list

Motorola has for years been one of the reference brands in Spain for the mid-range. Products like Moto G offer a great relationship between features, price and updates.

This last aspect today is far from its best days, but that doesn't stop Motorola updates from remaining well valued. Until now, we didn't know many details about the arrival of Android 11 on these mobiles, but Motorola has finally announced its first upgrade plans.

All Motorola mobiles that upgrade to Android 11

Currently, most mobile brands have already announced their upgrade plans. Motorola was one of the last remaining phones to be confirmed that they would end up receiving Android 11, but the wait seems to come to an end.

22 models will receive the latest version of Android, among which we find folding mobiles, the high-end and several models belonging to the Moto G. Motorola series has only been limited to indicating models, without giving specific dates for updating each one beyond a vague "in the coming months".

The initial list of mobiles that will receive Android 11 is as follows:

Razr Series:

  • Motorola Razr 5G.
  • Motorola Razr 2019.

Edge Series:

  • Motorola Edge.
  • Motorola Edge+.

One Series:

  • Motorola One Action.
  • Motorola One Fusion.
  • Motorola One Fusion+.
  • Motorola One Hyper.
  • Motorola One Vision.

G Series:

  • Moto G 5G.
  • Moto G 5G Plus.
  • Moto G Fast.
  • Moto G Power.
  • Moto G Pro.
  • Moto G Stylus.
  • Moto G9, G9 Play, G9 Plus and G9 Power.
  • Moto G8, G8 Power.
  • Lenovo K12 Note.

The list is somewhat bittersweet, as we find important absences like Moto E, mobiles that Motorola has never given too much love to and that unless you change last minute you should not end up getting updated. There are also strange absences like the Moto G 8 Plus, it is very strange that its younger brothers upgrade and this one does not.

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