An electric bike that uses water as fuel

Using hydrogen as a fuel is an effective and environmentally friendly solution, and more and more solutions are emerging to make it viable to have something like this in day-to-day life.

Trucks that use hydrogen have been making headlines for months, and we saw the hydrogen bike in 2019 in our electric bike category.

Now, this bike is again news thanks to a new process to give it autonomy using water. They sell envelopes of a chemical that we will put in the bike tank, and when we pour water a chemical reaction will be generated that will separate the oxygen from the hydrogen and allow the bike to travel 100 kilometres more.

I mean, if we go on the bike and we're out of power, we can take out one over the pocket and a little water and travel 100 more kilometres.

What magic that is

The Alpha bike, from French company Pragma Industries, began selling for 7,000 euros in 2019, with a 150-watt PEM fuel cell combined with a 150Wh lithium-ion battery and a 250W electric motor.

In the frame, it has the electric motor, battery and hydrogen tank, and now announce a few envelopes with a solution that, when mixed with water, generate the desired chemical reaction.

Envelopes have silicon or magnesium, which absorbs oxygen atoms from the water to separate the necessary hydrogen.

Logically it is more expensive to put envelopes than to recharge at a suitable loading point since each envelope costs 5 euros, but in an emergency, paying 5 euros for 100 km more is a bargain. The chemical reaction takes only 2 minutes, so don't wait long.

Pragma Industries will be able to deliver the envelopes at home, although most of its customers are companies with dozens of bikes to rent or government institutions, both in France and Japan (their main client countries).

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