Bill gates and amazon invest in zeroavia hydrogen-powered aircraft

It appears that Zeroavia, the leading company in the zero-emissions aviation sector, will promptly launch the construction of its hydrogen-powered aircraft. All these thanks to the addition of new financial sponsors who have shown interest in the project.

One of them was Breakthrough Energy Ventures, owned by Bill Gates, which was part of the series A funding round organized by Zeroavia.

Alongside this were also Amazon's Climate Pledge Fund, which together contributed a total of $21.4 million to zeroavia's cause, to which the UK government's investment was also added to $16.6 million, according to Bloomberg.

In addition to fulfilling the purpose of improving its fuel systems, Zeroavia aims to make possible the development of a 19-seat passenger aircraft that uses hydrogen-electric motors as a means for propulsion.

While this may represent a radical change in contrast to the standard present in today's aviation industry, developing a fuel cell is not an impossible task. As early as September Zeroavia had successfully conducted a test flight. Zeroavia is expected to be able to market these fuel cells to other airlines by 2023, but as the time comes the company will continue to make these improvements that make them more powerful. In the sector there is also Piper M, the world's largest hydrogen-powered aircraft, made its first flight.

The truth is that it will be many years before hydrogen aircraft can completely displace fuel aircraft. During the September test flight, Zeroavia was only able to perform an air loop around an airport so that the company is not yet intended to reach a flight range of a thousand miles until 2030.

Zeroavia remains optimistic about the improvements hydrogen fuel could bring to the world as it continues to be optimised and can replace carbon whose emissions to the atmosphere in 2019 exceeded one billion tons. That's why hydrogen energy could be very useful in reversing this damage.

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