Discord replaces squad now allowing screen sharing of mobile devices

Those users who are looking for an alternative to Squad, the application that allowed to share the screen of mobile devices with friends, and that Twitter closed last week, as we mentioned at the time, will be able to receive with open arms the fact that Discord is deploying the possibility that users can already share the screen of their mobile devices.

It is a new feature that was being quite requested among users, since to date it only allowed desktop screen sharing after it released this feature in 2017.

Discord is also another platform that has taken advantage of the rise of pandemic-enhanced video calls throughout this year, launching its new video server role in May.

For those who are not yet familiar to him, point out that Discord is a well-known platform of collective and cross-platform communication, strongly linked to the gaming world, although for some time this part has been diversifying into other sectors, such as education and sports.

As they share on TechCrunch, Discord users will be able to transmit everything that happens on their mobile screen, advising to go to Airplane Mode to avoid displaying annoying notifications in full transmission.

To share mobile game streams and more

Also, in Discord, they have taken care of good functioning even when there may be enough movement on the screen.

In this regard, one of the possibilities for this feature is the transmission of mobile games, although we can already imagine other types of possibilities that made Squad quite popular among segments of younger users.

In any case, it should be clear that mobile screen transmissions can reach a maximum of 50 simultaneous participants, although as they point out from the aforementioned medium, without limit on how many users can share their mobile screens on the same channel.

Without a doubt, what disappears somewhere, reappears on the other hand, so there will always be alternative options in the face of the fact that a service is closed, taking the witness other platforms, whether they are veterans who expand their functions or with the arrival of newly created platforms, that try to fill those gaps that leave the services that disappear.

Logically, it is recommended that Discord users upgrade to the latest version to have more options to use the streaming feature of mobile screens, and if the new feature has not yet arrived, have a little more patience.

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