Facebook has a new tool to combat misinformation about covid-19

Facebook has already implemented different strategies to eradicate disinformation about COVID-19 on its platform. It uses a moderation system, alerts, and additional information in your Help Center.

And now you'll start implementing a new dynamic to make sure users aren't paying attention to posts with bad content about COVID-19.

Facebook's new strategy to combat misinformation

Facebook will send a notification directly to users who share, comment on, or like posts that have been deleted for containing misinformation about COVID-19.

These users will receive such a message "We deleted a post that you liked and that had false and potentially harmful information about COVID-19", as mentioned in FastCompany. Considering that users interact with many posts on Facebook, they will be shown a thumbnail image of the referenced content, the interaction they made, and the reason for their deletion.

In this way, it will not go unnoticed that the news contains erroneous information about COVID-19. And on the other hand, a section is added in the notification under "What you can do" that gives users several options, for example, unfollow the page or medium that shared the wrong information. And of course, it will direct users to reliable information using different sources.

So this new Facebook strategy is a little more accurate about the warning it gives the user. On the other hand, it follows the same line of reporting on the wrong content, but without specifically addressing what the problem is.

This new dynamic will be complemented by the rest of the measures that Facebook has been implementing for some time on the platform. For example, they have already mentioned on several occasions that they have eliminated groups that share conspiracy theories and promote misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines.

We'll have to see if this Facebook measure makes a difference as misinformation about COVID-19 is plagued by the platform.

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