Facebook will offer new security options for different types of accounts

The Facebook team is considering taking the benefits of the Facebook Protect program to new types of accounts.

And on the other hand, Facebook will also offer a new option to give a security bonus to any user who wants to implement it in their account.

New security options on Facebook

Remember that Facebook Protect is a program designed for special users who need additional protection for their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Through this program, Facebook applies a number of additional security measures such as real-time account monitoring to prevent possible hacking and two-step authentication.

At the moment, this program only includes candidates, officials, agencies, and different political figures in the United States. But this could change in 2021, as it plans to extend Facebook Protect features to other types of accounts, as Axios mentions.

Not only do they plan to take Facebook Protect's special care to new countries in election season, but it will also be joined by journalists, human rights defenders and celebrities. In this way, Facebook plans to protect accounts it believes are most likely to be breached in different contexts.

And on the other hand, it will open up the possibility that any user can request to use physical security keys or security keys to protect their account. While Facebook's priority will be for public figures and those listed as "high profile" to have a physical security key, all users will be able to implement it in their accounts, as Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook's head of security policies, commented.

All of these new security options will be complemented by public reports on potential threats to Facebook's security. At the moment, there are no further details about these new dynamics. So we'll have to wait until 2021 to see how these new security options will work and whether they will be implemented globally.

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