Galaxy S21s don't exist yet but can now be booked

It seems that the launch in Spain of the Samsung Galaxy S21 is almost imminent, and that is that in recent days we have received all kinds of information. Not just leaks in their design, but leaked promotional videos, possible filing date, and even FCC documents as proof of their up-to-date release.

Today we know new information from an Android Authority exclusive, ensuring that Samsung's largest store in India is already admitting reservations for the launch of the new Galaxy S21, which would be unveiled on January 14.

This Samsung store has already started its Galaxy S21 bookings

Beyond the usual retailers where you can buy a Galaxy, Samsung also has special stores where they show all their experiences. While we were fortunate enough to be able to enjoy the Flagship Store in New York, it's by no use the only one available.

As far as India is concerned, the Samsung Opera House in Bengaluru is the most important store in the country, and the first to almost officially confirm the Galaxy S21.

According to the Android Authority, those who have been able to contact executives of this store, these high-end mobiles will be officially presented on January 14, 2021, and will be available in the same store the week following the presentation event.

Also, they would have already started the booking process in that store. With a deposit of 2000 rupees (about 22.71 euros at the exchange), they will notify you so that you can buy your phone as soon as it is available. The reservation would not be for any particular model, so until the official launch, you can opt for the model.

According to the same fonts, the colours that would have Samsung's latest flagships would be as follows:

  • Standard model: Grey, pink, violet, white.
  • Model Plus: Pink, violet, silver and black.
  • Ultra Model: Black and silver.

It seems that the launch of these mobiles is closer to being confirmed. If all this is true, we may be able to learn about Samsung's new mobiles before the end of the year.

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