Google Cloud Print stops working: no more printing from the cloud

Google Cloud Print is Google's cloud printing service that stops working as of January 1, 2021, permanently.

Google Cloud Print is a service that many users in Spain probably already know. This Google service was created to make it easier for Chrome OS users to print documents quickly and easily, being cloud-based, like many of Google's own services.

Some time ago the firm announced that they were going to end Google Cloud Print, putting as the end date for this service the last day of 2020. We will not have to wait long for the end of this service, therefore, because this same week is when it will stop working definitively.

Google Cloud Print says goodbye

It is this Friday, January 1, 2021, that Google Cloud Print stops working definitively. Just over a year after the announcement of its closure, Google causes this service to stop working. For users who make use of this service, they are advised to look for other alternatives on the market.

This service has been of great importance to users over time. Google created a system that allowed for easy printing, as users were not forced to create and manage different printing systems for multiple devices and printers. Also making it easy to print photos or documents from Android thanks to its app.

It's been quite a while since Google announced the closure of this service, so if you used this service you'll have been able to find some alternative to use on your devices, such as Chrome OS or Android. One more service of the American firm that ends up closing, disappointing those users who did consider it a utility service.

Google Cloud Print stops working on all platforms, so your Android app will be removed as well. Tomorrow will be the last day this cloud printing service works and on Friday it can no longer be used.

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