Google Home app starts showing ads

Google has become an industry giant mostly for owning a huge user base (its search engine's market share in Spain is around 90%). This makes your ad platform a money-generating machine.

But those ads aren't restricted to web pages that collaborate with Adsense, but also appear within your apps.

We've seen this on Google Maps, where businesses can appear as milestones on the map, or in Gmail with embedded ads. Now it's time for Google Home.

Ads arrive at Google Home

Google's popular home automation app has started showing some users in the United States a button to view live content on compatible devices, i.e. on screens.

If you tap on it, a full-screen ad appears inviting you to subscribe to service so you can view that content, even if there is a free three-day trial period.

Obviously, if you don't want to use it, you'll only have to leave that screen, but this shows us how Google is not only starting to move from free to paid apps(see Google Photos case) but also greatly increases the use of ads throughout its app ecosystem.

It is not the only company that does this and Samsung has already dropped reviews for doing so on mobiles of more than a thousand euros. Ironically the one that does it best here is Amazon, which on your Kindle or Fire devices offers two versions, one cheaper with ads and one more expensive if they. We think it's a good intermediate solution that brands like Google should adopt. Or at least give the option to remove the ads, as Xiaomi does.

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