Google play adds a new option so you don't lose the latest app updates

Google Play Store is implementing a small change that will save you a few clicks.

If you're aware of the latest updates to apps installed on your mobile, it'll help you enable the new option in your Google Play account.

Google Play adds new settings

Some may remember that Google Play displayed a notification when apps had finished updating on your device. A notification that was lost at the beginning of the year, but that now returns to Google Play.

While it's not an option that can change store dynamics, it may be of interest to users who are aware of app updates. Or those who have to deal with a bad internet connection and want to make sure that the updates have been implemented smoothly.

This option is not enabled by default, so you'll need to turn it on in your Google Play settings. To do this, go to Settings >> General >> Notifications >> Completed Updates. Depending on your device settings, you can set what type of notifications you want to implement for this option.

Once you've turned this option on, you'll see a notification every time you finish installing an app update. This dynamic will prevent you from opening Google Play to see if you have all the apps updated.

All Google subscriptions in one place

On the other hand, 9to5Google mentions a new strategy that Google is implementing to promote subscriptions for some of its free apps.

The Google Store is adding a new section to advertise services with paid subscriptions, such as YouTube or Google Stadia.

As you can see in the image, these subscription offerings are divided into categories:

  • Shows and Music: YouTube TV, YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium
  • Games: Stadia Pro, Google Play Pass
  • Storage and security: Google One, Nest Aware
  • Phone plan: Google Fi

A dynamic that can already be seen in the Google Store of the United States.

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