Google stadia finally reaches ios devices

Stadia, Google's cloud-based gaming streaming platform, has just announced its official arrival on iOS devices (and iPadOS for iPad tablets), allowing users of these devices to enjoy the Stadia experience without going through Apple's limitations in its App Store.

As we've seen throughout this year, Apple has made it impossible for users to have the native apps of major cloud-based game streaming services, i.e. Microsoft xCloud, Nvidia GeForce Now, Amazon Luna, and Google Stadia, on their own mobile devices, by requiring the respective companies to additionally upgrade each game title from their respective libraries to the App Store , in addition to the general application.

Skipping App Store Rules with a Progressive Web App

So the most obvious solution was to create a Progressive Web Application that mimics the native experience as close as possible, something that Google has just done and that will be followed by the rest of platforms to reach iOS/iPadOS users, as they have already promised a few weeks ago.

Google has taken advantage of the latest iOS update to launch Stadia's PWA (Progressive Web App), although its global deployment may be delayed in some territories, some media reports.

In this way, users can already go to the web on their iOS/iPadOS devices and generate a shortcut on the home page on them to use Stadia as if it were another native application.

Already in Stadia, they can choose to use the free version or the paid version with its additional features, although always through Google accounts, being able to access the titles already available and acquire those others they are also interested in, being able to play any of them just like the rest of users on other platforms.

For many games they may have to use controllers, so they will be able to use a variety of controllers and controllers compatible with iOS, after pairing, although if they already have the Control Controller of Stadia, better than better, although they can always have the alternative of touch controls, although it will not be the same.

This is a clear example of what some may call putting doors to the field, where there will always be those who launch alternative solutions, such as the arrival of the Stadium Browser during last November, to allow Stadia to run on iOS devices, although it is always advisable to use the official solutions.

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