Google to bring covid-19 vaccine information panels to searches

The Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic is beginning to face a new stage with the official arrival of the first vaccines and vaccination plans in some territories, to deal with the situation and try to get back to life as we knew it before the arrival of Covid-19.

But along the way, in parallel with the development of the pandemic, misleading and harmful information has also circulated over the Internet, so the main technology platforms have sought to "vaccinate" the spread of misinformation, although the effort has not only been at the technical level, as they have also been donating financial funds to help address the pandemic to organizations and collectives, including journalistic organizations such as fact-checking platforms.

And faced with the new stage of the pandemic, Google has just commented on the following movements to help users receive adequate information, trying to resolve any questions about vaccines, avoiding falling for misleading information that is beginning to emerge, and continue to help journalistic organizations and other agencies. 

They will move appropriate information about vaccines in searches

In this sense, in the United Kingdom, the first territory where the population has already begun to be vaccinated, they have launched a panel on searches from which they will provide accurate and adequate information on vaccines approved at their own location, and the information available from each of them, when searching for vaccines for covid-19.

This panel will expand to other countries as they are authorized for use.

YouTube will also launch dashboards with vaccine information from local and global authorities, as well as cooperating with content creators to create videos in connection with health experts to bring useful vaccine information to their respective audiences.

New aid and financial donations to boost truthful information

Also, they will offer an additional $15 million in Ad Grants to the global health organization to assist them in their global campaign.

Through the Google News Initiative, they will donate an additional $1.5 million to create the COVID-19 Vaccine Media Hub, from which they will provide resources to journalists 24 hours a day with scientific information and research updates, and support research with academics from some U.S. universities, who will be part of a survey-based research project to citizens, seeking to counteract misinformation about vaccines.

Fighting abuses in their products

And finally, Google has commented on all these measures taken to prevent abuses in its pandemic-related products, which will be in addition to the measures they are already taking to address new abuses related to the Covid-19 vaccine.

According to Google data:

Our teams have removed over 700,000 videos related to dangerous or misleading COVID-19 medical information. We also continue to remove harmful misinformation about COVID-19 in other products such as Ads, Google Maps and Play Store

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