Google will implement a new feature to limit the appearance of alcohol and betting ads

The restriction of content associated with alcohol and gambling on the web has been an effort for many years in this field, to prevent people from being suggested or conducive to falling into the consumption or practice of any of these activities.

The truth is that there are still a lot of websites that display advertising associated with this type of material.

That's why the search giant Google has taken the initiative to implement a new configuration with which users may have the opportunity to restrict all those alcohol-related ads and gambling that might appear.

According to Google, this feature would first be applied in YouTube ads for the United States, then expanded globally through this platform and in Google's search engine by early 2021.

In the case of those countries that have legal limitations for such advertisements as Sweden or Norway, they will not experience any change in their policies.

Users currently have an option to mute ads related to alcohol and gambling. This helps prevent these ads from being reflected in Google properties or any of the many web publishers the company collaborates with.

With the implementation of this new feature, Google sees it as an extra step that gives users more options.

The problems Google will have

However, despite the optimism expressed by the company with this function, the truth is that it is still halfway to making possible a total restriction of this type of content. Google doesn't accurately mention the scopes that this new feature will have to fulfil its purpose of limiting alcohol and game ads in a blog post, so some of them are likely to evade this tool. Thus, Google could continue to receive revenue generated by a potential addict who has been shown these ads, although these would be drastically reduced.

About this situation, a Google spokesperson expressed via email the following « Although we intend to be able to block all ads of a certain category, there are certain ads that can be difficult to categorize».

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