How to choose the default option when Android connects to PC via USB

Thousands of Android users in Spain connect their phones to the computer via USB regularly. The most normal thing is that when you connect your phone to your computer, it's to transfer files, such as photos or videos. When connecting the two devices using the cable, you always get a small menu on your phone screen, so you can choose what you want to do.

This is the usual process, but for many Android users, it is somewhat annoying, as they only connect their phone to the computer with the USB cable to transfer files. If this is your case, there is the possibility to make that the default option, to speed up this process at all times.

Choose the default USB settings on Android

If there is an option that you always use when you connect your Android phone to your computer via USB, either transferring files or transferring photos, you have the possibility to make it the default. This means that when you connect both devices, you will no longer get that window with several options on the mobile screen, but that the process is activated directly. The steps to do this are as follows:

  1. Go to your phone's Settings.
  2. Go to the Developer Options section (if they don't come out, you have to activate them first on your phone, pressing several times on your phone's build number).
  3. Under the developer options, find the DEFAULT USB Settings section.
  4. Go into this section.

Select what you want to happen when you connect your phone to your computer using USB.

Everyone will be able to choose the desired option, in this case, depending on the use they normally make when connecting their Android phone to the computer via USB. The option you have chosen will be the one that is activated by default when the two devices connect. If at any time you want to change it, just follow these steps that we have shown, and you can change it again, then choosing the option you want.

This is a setting that can speed up the file transfer between your Android phone and your computer if this is a process you normally do over USB.

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