How to watch TV shows and movies with friends remotely on Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, HBO and more

The pandemic is not over, but even if it comes to an end, there will always be a need to see content at a distance with friends and family who live far away or that due to the weather conditions we have not been able to stay.

The mainstreaming platforms realize how important it is for us to be able to share the viewing of a series, movie or documentary with our friends and family. This is why they themselves are launching options to view content in a group and at a distance.

In turn, the mainstreaming platforms working in Spain are also allowing other third-party websites and apps to share their content so that users can watch those series, movies, videos or documentaries as a group but each in their home.

Along the lines that make up this article, we're going to quickly and directly explain the methods we have to share Netflix, HBO, Disney+, Prime Video, and YouTube content with friends and remotely.

Netflix Party, the King of Kings also among the options for sharing content with friends

Netflix Party is an extension for Chrome browsers that we can install in just one second and that will allow us to simultaneously view the same content with different friends.

The only requirements are that our friends have Netflix accounts and live in the same country, in this case, Spain. It is also important that the Internet connection is decent or at least good.

Group Video, Amazon Prime Video's native option

Amazon has been one of the smartest, and in just a few weeks saw the demand and launched its choice to watch series, movies and documentaries in group and distance. This way, we get rid of installing extensions that can sometimes lead to security issues.

The Prime Video option is called Group Video and appears next to each content, right on the screen where we chose the chapter.

GroupWatch or how to share Disney+ content

This way, you can watch Disney+ tv shows, movies, and other content with friends and from a distance. GroupWatch was first released in the United States, but can now be used in Spain for some time.

telepathy, if you have HBO you can share the content

It also works with Hulu, Netflix and Disney+, but now we focus on HBO. With TeleParty we can share the content we're watching on HBO.

telepathy is the improved version of NetflixParty, therefore it is an extension for the browser and through which we invite our friends and enjoy all the content.

The requirements are the same, have an HBO account and reside in Spain, otherwise, we will not be able to join the party to watch HBO content.

Watch2gether, to watch YouTube and Twitch videos with friends

If we want to watch content from YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, etc. we can use Watch2gether. It is a website in which we create a room and share the link by some chat app. Our friends will see the same as us simultaneously, both audio and sound.

We are now more than ready to watch all the series, movies, documentaries and videos during this Christmas holiday or at any time of the year.

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