Huawei celebrates the success of the first year of Huawei Community, the brand's user community

User support is a basic pillar for any company. Building a strong user community allows you to establish a smoother, more direct communication channel between the company and its users.

To a greater or lesser extent, all companies have customers who purchase their products. However, very few are the lucky ones who have a mass of loyal users with which they have connected to the point of aligning themselves with their same values and philosophy.

Huawei is one of the brands that has achieved this, establishing a wide channel of direct communication with its users through space where it is HUAFans themselves (Huawei fans) who create the contents and share experiences of using their devices.

Huawei's fan community supports other users by answering their questions, sharing photos, wallpapers, guides or sharing experiences with other Huawei enthusiasts.

What is Huawei Community and how does it work?

Huawei's fan community has just completed its first year of life and its success is more than obvious, with a balance of more than 250,000 active users and an average growth of 30,000 new monthly users.

The secret to the success of this project is the commitment of both parties in which Huawei puts all the infrastructure to create this meeting space, and it is HUAFans themselves who manage it and create content and experiences that they share with other users.

Huawei Community is the only official website of Huawei's fan club, ensuring direct contact with the brand so that users' voices become relevant in the process of developing and evolving new brand products and services.

In this space, users can exchange knowledge about Huawei's services and devices in user-created threads moderated by HUAMakers, users who act as community moderators who have scaled privileges by actively participating in content creation and communicating with other HUAFans.

To encourage community participation, HUAFans receive a series of incentives in the form of medals or badges that appear on their user profile and in obtaining Community Points, a kind of symbolic virtual currency that is granted when creating content, commenting on the contents of others incentivising communication or simply by logging into the Huawei Community.

Community Points do not have real economic value or transferable, but increase the group level in the community and unlock new permissions as the level of user engagement increases.

This improvement in the permissions obtained by HUAFans allows them to create more complete and detailed content by unlocking more space to upload more images and documents to their contributions.

You have a Huawei, you're already a member of the community!

Huawei Community is the only official website of Huawei fan club, so it is the only one that has the support of brand official to maintain its infrastructure. To be a member of the Huawei community, simply have a Huawei ID that is created when you register for a Huawei service or device.

Therefore, you only have to be a user of a Huawei product or device to be a member of Huawei Community. No external registrations or accreditations. Simply insert the HUAWEI ID to access all the information, contests, challenges, events and experiences that HUAFans have shared in the various posts of the Huawei Community forum.

Another advantage of being Huawei's official fan club is that the brand itself has created the Huawei Store app, available on AppGallery and Google Play, which you can install on your device to access even more easily with just a couple of clicks from a Huawei smartphone or tablet.

Huawei Community: think global, act locally

Companies like Huawei have a strong global presence, so their loyal users are counted by millions across the globe.

One feature that characterizes the Huawei Community is its scalability and transversality, allowing to compartmentalized a large global community, with common interests and values, but organized locally into smaller groups called HUAClubs, in which groups of local HUAFans share their experiences, events or promotions with other users of the same city, province or country.

These groups encourage closer interaction at the local level and allow fans of the brand to use other more agile and fluid methods such as Telegram to organize with other HUAFans in their area and propose to the moderators or HUAMakers the creation of local HUAClubs within the Huawei Community.

This segmentation in HUAClubs allows Huawei to activate more precisely the HUAFans of a certain region when events are organized in that province or city such as the opening of a new store or the presentation of a certain product, offering them some privileges of access to the event, giving them preferential access to products and services to reward their dedication or obtain their opinion on the products or events directly.

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