It could only happen on Android: this app turns your wallpaper into a post-it

The selection of note and list apps on Android is huge, in addition to being able to convert apps like Telegram into a note app, something that many users in Spain do. Although there are apps like Keynote that go even a step further, by allowing you to turn your phone's wallpaper into a list.

Having an always accessible list or note is important for users. Keynote promises to be a good help, by making you have that list or note directly on the wallpaper, either on the home screen or on the lock screen. Thus you will have such lists or notes always at your disposal and always visible.

Turn your wallpaper into a list

Thanks to Keynote you can type any type of text on the wallpaper, both on the home screen and on the lock screen. Whether you want to write a note, a reminder, a to-do list, the shopping list or even a message of encouragement for yourself, it will be possible thanks to it. By having the text in the background and not in a widget, it is always visible.

At the interface level, this app does not present too many complications. When you open it on your phone, you have a selection of note types or lists at the top, such as shopping list or to-do. Just choose the type and then click +, to create that list and then enter the terms you want (such as products you have to buy today).

Keynote allows us to customize the appearance of these notes, being able to choose the background colour, the colour of the letter or the background colour of the list itself. So everyone will be able to create a background and list suitable for your phone at all times. In this sense, the application gives many customization options, which allow very comfortable use of it.

An interesting application with which you can have your notes and lists always visible and accessible. It is easy to use and gives us quite a few customization options, so for many users on Android, it is presented as an interesting option to consider.

How to download Keynote on Android

Keynote is an application that you can download for free from the Play Store. Within the app, we have no purchases or advertisements so that we can use it without any distraction. If you want to convert your wallpapers into lists or notes, this app makes it possible.

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