Launch iPhone 12 with a piece of fabric from one of steve jobs sweaters

Can you imagine having the opportunity to acquire a piece of the clothes worn by Steve Jobs? Well, now it seems that this will be possible thanks to the initiative carried out by Caviar Atelier, a Russian website dedicated to the sale of custom luxury goods that has brought a commercial offer that seeks to take advantage of Apple's latest launch, the iPhone 12.

Caviar proposes to sell custom iPhone 12 models for an amount ranging from $7,000 to $9,600, depending on the model.

While this figure may seem high, the truth is that it is because within the apple logo present in each of these models is inserted a piece of fabric from one of the turtleneck sweaters that the Apple founder used to use during his presentations in public, as well as in events corresponding to the launch of his products (at least that is what the company promises).

All this comes to mark the tenth anniversary of iPhone 4, the last model to be released by Steve Jobs when he was still alive. This is how users will have the opportunity to choose from the 4 models released by Caviar: Jobs 4 Black, Jobs 4 White, Jobs 4 Gold and Jobs 1ST.

By entering the Caviar website for the purchase of the "economic" model of $6,490 we will find the following text:

The model is mounted on a blackened titanium case. It has a strict and lay design. The key element of the model is an Apple aviation titanium logo with a piece of the original tortoise neck of the legendary Steve Jobs. The bottom of the smartphone is adorned with Jobs autograph as a sign of quality, a symbol of its time. The owners of this device will not only have in their hands a smartphone but a fragment of an item that belonged to the legendary person. Limited edition of 10 pieces.


This is how from this rate users will be able to have the opportunity to purchase some of these models, with the $9,600 being the most ostentatious of all by including 750-carat gold around the cameras and the Apple logo. In addition to the caviar sweater, he has also incorporated fragments of the iconic New Balance sneakers worn by Steve Jobs

Those interested in purchasing any of these phones will be able to do so by logging into the Caviar website.

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